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Laibach is a predecessor of Rammstein and it is said influenced Rammstein. Someone said that Rammstein is “Laibach for children”. His music is more openly associated with Nazi themes. In the video below in German notice that he uses some of the same symbols as Rammstein, often associated with neo-Nazi groups.

Here Laibach uses the sam cogged wheel (Zahnrad) and Cross as Rammstein uses, which asre often used by right-wing extremists.

Cogged Wheel and ersatz Nazi Cross

And here Laibach uses the same color scheme of the Third Reich (Black/White/Red) that Rammstein often uses.

Colors of the Nazi Reich

The dancing skeletons in the Tanz mit Laibach suggest an association with the SS. The Totenkopf (Skull and Crossbones) was a symbol of the SS Totenkopf Division and earlier of the Prussian Hussars.

Tanz mit Laibach – Dance with Laibach

Some of the scenes in this video, “Birth of a Nation” were apparently inspired by Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph des Willens”. Compare the opening entrance sense to the scene in “Triumph des Willens” when Hitler enters the Hall to give his tirade. If you want to know what the words mean in English see the Queen Song “One Vision”. The lyrics are the same, although sound a bit more sinister in the Laibach rendition.

Geburt einer Nation / Birth of a Nation

See the Queen video with the same lyrics, “One Vision”

Laibach – Divided States of America

This video glorifies the attacks of 9/11. The speaker is speaking from the perspective of the leader of the terrorists.

Laibach – Divided States of America

Laibach – Anglia

This is something special for British visitors of this website. Laibach is a major influence on Rammstein and uses some of the same Nazi code as Rammstein. In this video apparent “British subjects” are tortured in a dungeon.

Watch the sadistic, old hag drain the blood from one of the British and dip a brush in a blood-filled, toilet.
Collecting British Blood

and painting the same ersatz Nazi cross in blood that appears in the Rammstein logo on the victims chests.
A Nazi cross painted in British blood.

Laibach – Anglia

Rammstein preparing to torture a British captive?
I found the above image on the Internet. It is Rammstein with one of the band members posing as a British captive a la Laibach’s film above, Anglia. Is Rammstein preparing this “captive” for torture as with Laibach in the video above? Notice the color scheme in this image is the Black/White/Red national colors of the Third Reich as is seen often in Rammstein and Laibach work. Note Rammstein is wearing a red, ersatz Nazi cross — on their left side — that was painted in British blood in the earlier Laibach video. Will this be a left-wing torture session or right-wing torture session?

Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft – Der Sheriff

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft means “German American Friendship”. However it is meant to be ironic. This is a band of the same kind as Rammstein and Laibach. They display the same Black/White/Red color scheme of the Third Reich and a form of the Cogged Wheel (Zahnrad) that neo-Nazis use. The initials DAF can also stand for the Deutsche Arbeiters Front (German Workers Front) which was a Nazi paramilitary group. After WWII the size of the German Army was limited by the Treaty of Versailles, which ended the War. The DAF was a way of getting around the treaty and training men for the military. The swasitika inside a cogged wheel and crossed hammers were symbols used by the DAF.

Nazi Color Scheme with DAF-like Cogged WheelNazi Color Scheme Displayed by DAF

This is in German, but bascially a rant against Bush. Apparently, Bush is not popular among Nazis.


Slayer uses a single sieg-rune in their name, which is the symbol of the Hitler Youth. They frequently have Nazi and faschist themes in thier music. The video below is a celebration of the holocaust. Note the Nazi color (black/white/red) theme that appears in different places in the video.

Slayer – Angel of Death

This clip doesn’t have much Nazi symbology but might make you think the fan that made this video has a fascination with goose-stepping islamic fascists perhaps a little problem with Jews and the US.

Slayer – Jihad

Rammstein Home Page

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