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Rammstein Symbology

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In this website the Anti-Defamation League catalogues some of the symbols used by extremist groups.

ADL’s A Visual Database of Extremist Symbols

This article is a publication by the Sozial Partei Deutschland (SPD) a political party that is approximately equivalent to the left-wing of the US-Democrats and who was presecuted by the Nazis before and during WWII. The article says that polls show that 10-30% of young Germans hold extreme right-wing political views. It describes how extremists use codes to communicate to each other what their political orientation is.

The Hiding Game (in German)

These images below contain some common code symbols used by neo-Nazis, from Verteckspiel a publication by the SPD political party of Germany. Similar symbols can be found in Rammstein’s videos.

This is a symbol of the national socialist German Workers’ Front or Deutsche Arbeiterfront (DAF). This was the largest Nazi mass organization and the symbol is still used often by neo-Nazi groups.
DAF Symbol

Logo of of a neo-Nazi Hamerskins with cogged wheel. Note the crossed hammers and Nazi colors of the logo.
Hammerskins Logo

Hammerskins member in Germany with crossed hammer tattoo.
Hammerskins Tatoo

A KKK logo with the Balkan Cross (Balkenkreuz) as Rammstein uses incorporated. Note the Nazi colors.
KKK logo

This is a banner of the German National Party (Nationalpartei Detuschlands or NPD), a party that is widely recognized in Germany as being Nazi. Note the cogged wheel in the NPD logo on the banner.
KKK logo

This image shows the Futhark Runes, which in the Nazi pagan religion are supposed to have mystical powers.

The R-Rune was called the “Raido” rune. The meaning of the Raido Rune is a “wagon” or from that “to take trip” or “to go on a voyage”. This Rune can be compared to the “R” in the Rammstein Logo. Runes were used for ceremonial and religious purposes and not so much for writing. The were carved in stone or on drinking horns and therefore are not curved like modern characters. The angular shape of the Rammstein-R is what could suggest a Rune.

A Viking rune stone. R-runes are circled in green that are similar to the R in the Rammstein logo.
Viking Rune Stone

Below is the Rammstein logo made of or an R or R-Rune superposed on a Balkenkreuz, or a type of Iron Cross. The Balkankreuz is still used by the German Army, the Bundeswehr and it is used by some people just to show that they are tough. However, it is also used by neo-Nazis sometimes as a substitute for the Swastika. The shape of the “R” in the logo is similar to some of the runes you find on rune-stones as above. You don’t see R’s that look similar in modern character sets.

The Rammstein Logo has a peculiar feature. It is made of an outline that is broken into segments. These segments suggest that they can be put together in a different way. With a little trimming of the sections and overlaying two segments the symbol below can be made out of the Rammstein Logo:

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