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Rammstein – Links

The song “Links” is supposed be the proof that Rammstein is not right-wing. Till Lindemann says in the video that people want to say his heart is on the right, but he looks down and sees his heart is on the left. Here, at least, Rammstein fans claim to understand symbology with the reference to the heart. However, if Lindemann really wants to prove that he is not right-wing, why does he put symbols that suggest neo-Nazism in the video? This video is done, in large part, in storm trooper brown, an identifying Nazi color.

The video is about ants. The video has similarities with Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda film, Triumph of the Will and Laibach’s marching song, Tanz mit Laibach”. The ants are dancing to Rammstein’s music as can be seen on the album cover that the ants are dancing to. For that reason the Rammstein fans seem to be compared to the Hitler Youth as in Leni Reifenstahl’s propaganda film, Triumph of the Will.

Ants and insects, have been held up as a model of Nazi ideology. Here is an except of Nazi indocrination of children from a Nazi biology textbook from 1942.

As we have already noted, people do not live as individuals like animals and plants, but as peoples, which largely have come together as ethnic states. We know something similar only with insects. Bees and ants are not only the sum of individuals; each individual shares a united drive in service of the entire group. They do not have an individual will any longer, but rather their actions have only the goal of serving the welfare of the whole, the welfare of the community. The state-building drive in insects has created a higher order from the drives of the individuals. Their species has become a higher order, one will in many parts. The individual member of a beehive does a single task: One may be a worker that carries nectar, another cleans the hive, the third builds on to it, a fourth feeds the larva, a fifth watches the hive’s entrance. Each individual activity serves the whole. It is the same with ants. Certain ant species even have a warrior caste that fights in the front lines for the rest; the battle against the enemies of the state here, too, involves the whole group.

The instinctual state of the ants corresponds to the leadership state among mankind; however, the principles of a perfect insect state give people cause to think. They have preserved bees and ants in the struggle for survival and thereby proved their validity. We earlier noted the following truths about ants:

  • The work of the individual has only one purpose: to serve the whole group.
  • Major accomplishments are possible only by the division of labor.
  • Each bee risks its life without hesitation for the whole.
  • Individuals who are not useful or are harmful to the whole are eliminated.
  • The species is maintained by producing a large number of offspring.
  • It is not difficult for us to see the application of these principles to mankind: We also can accomplish great things only by a division of labor. Our whole economy demonstrates this principle. The ethnic state must demand of each individual citizen that he does everything for the good of the whole, each in his place and with his abilities (Principle 1).

    The ants in the “Links” video seem to represent Rammsteins fans or the “Rammstein-Jugend” as Rammstein seems to like to think of them. They are threatened by an external danger (the three large insects) and act together as an army to eliminate the threatening insects.

    The figure below shows some screens from the video. The crossed hammers superposed on a cogged wheel are used as a symbol of a Hammerskin group in Germany. The cog with a swastika inside it was originally the logo of the national socialist Arbeiterfront. Putting the heart in the cogged wheel can be taken to mean that his heart is still with the swastika. These symbols suggest that the band are signaling that they are actually still right-wing, no matter on which side Lindemann’s heart beats. Also the lyric is repeated often “Can one give away to another, to think with the heart.” This means to think with your Nazi heart, if the heart is identified with the swastika.

    Right wing extremist images found in “Links” video which is claimed to show that Rammstein is not right-wing

    Compare with these:

    Logo of of a neo-Nazi Hammerskins in Germany with cogged wheel and crossed hammers.
    Hammerskins Logo

    This is a banner of the German National Party (Nationalpartei Detuschlands or NPD), a party that is widely recognized in Germany as being Nazi. Note the cogged wheel in the logo on the banner similar to the cogged wheel in this video.
    KKK logo

    As said before, one of the first things to notice is that the video is mostly in shades of storm trooper-brown. The are a couple of symbols that are similar to runes in the video.

    Also notice the stick figure below on the door. It looks like a man with boxing gloves flexing his muscles.

    Man-Like Stick Figure from Links Video
    Man-like Stick Figure from Links

    The figure below is the Madur Rune a variant of which resembles the stick figure above from “Links”:

    “Madur” or “Man” Rune
    Madur or Lebens-Rune

    The Madur Rune is also called the “man rune”, because it looks like a man stretching his arms out to a higher power. This is one of the most commonly used runes by Nazi groups. According to the SPD publication (Das Versteckspiel), it is supposed to represent the life-force of the movement of “Das Volk”. That is probably why the ants are running through the runic figure to emphasize the life-force of the Rammstein-Jugend. The figure in the video looks more like the variant of the Madur rune with the curved “arms” below the main figure.

    Rammstein – Links, Zwo, Drei, Vier

    Lyrics in English:

    Can you break hearts
    can hearts speak
    can you torture hearts
    can you steal hearts

    They want my heart on the right spot
    but then I look below
    it beats left there

    Can hearts sing
    can a heart burst
    can hearts be pure
    can a heart be made of stone

    They want my heart on the right spot
    but then I look below
    it beats left there
    left two three four left *

    Can you ask hearts
    (can you) carry a child under yourself
    can you give it away
    (can you) think with your heart

    They want my heart on the right spot
    but then I look below
    it beats there in the left breast
    the envious have not known it well

    Left two three four left

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