Dancing with Nazis

Lindemann Goose-Stepping


Here is Till Lindemann of Rammstein goose-stepping on stage in a SS-like uniform and jack-boots at a “Völkerball” concert.

Hitler’s Personal SS Bodyguard and Lindemann Compared

For comparison Hitler heils his goose-stepping personal SS Bodyguard on parade. It is obvious that Lindemann is a very accomplished goose-stepper and the Hitler’s personal Leibstandarte SS would probably be green with envy at his display of goose-stepping form. You can see the entire, sordid scene in the Reise, Reise video, a link for which is posted on the main page.

Does it not seem bizarre that someone trying to prove that he has absolutely no Nazi sympathies would prance around stage goose-stepping in jack-boots and wearing something that looks remarkably similar to the SS Nazi uniforms of the 1st Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler shown in the accompanying photo? The Leibstandarte Division of the Nazi SS was Hitler’s elite personal body guard.

Later at the same concert he leads the fans in yelling several times in unison “Hei'” without the “l”. There seems to be a fascination with Nazism. Can they really be surprised that some people think that they have Nazi sympathies? Amazing!

Here is Lindemann in another uniform. This time he is wearing a metal plate around his neck.

Lindeman wearing a uniform and Wehrmacht Gendarmerie-like GorgetLindemann wearing a Feldamerie-like Gorget.

The metal plate looks like a miniature gorget such as the Feldgendarmerie (Military Police) of the Wehrmacht wore. It was also used by the Prussian military and others and Lindemann’s uniform looks more like a Prussian uniform, but the most recent memorable use of a Gorget was by the German Feldgendarmerie in WWII. It is a symbol of authority. It’s just another hint of German militarism, be it Nazi or the militaristic prussian tradition.

Two Feldgendarmerie wearing their Trademark Gorgets Feldgendarmerie wearing their Gorgets

Here is the typical Gorget of the Feldgendarmerie. It would normally have a swastika on the front. Lindemann just seems to revel in dressing up like a Nazi and reminding people of their symbols such as this swastika. The Feldgendarmerie was disparagingly called the “Kettenhunden” (chain dogs).

Typical Feldgendarmerie Gorget with Nazi SwastikaTypical Feldgendarmerie Gorget with Nazi Swastika

The Feldgendarmerie served as police and as regular soldiers. On the Eastern Front their job included sometimes helping to control the population. They would be likely to have helped round up Jews at times to hand over to the extermination sqauds (Einsatzgruppen). They also fought partisans and apprehended disserters, among other things. Disserters were often summarily executed. They were so hated by the Soviets for their treatment of partisans and prisoners that they put a bounty on their heads near the end of the war. The Feldgendarmie were issued fake ID’s when near the front and in danger of being taken prisoner by the Soviets for fear of being executed by the Soviets for their treatment of partisans and soviet civilian populations.

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