Dancing with Nazis

Are there still Nazis in Germany?


The pamphlet from the SPD’s Willi Brandt Haus, Das Versteckspiel (in German, see Blogroll on right) states that polls show 10-30% of young Germans have extremist right wing political views. There are two political parties in Germany now, the Nationaldemokratishe Partei Deutschlands (NPD) and the Deutsche Volksunion (DVU), that have representatives in several German State Parliaments and are widely recognized as Nazi, although they don’t show all of the stereotypical icons of the Nazis, mainly because that is illegal in Germany. If you search on YouTube for “NPD Demos” you will find many videos of Nazi demonstrations. Notice the black/white/red colors of the Third Reich that they display at these Nazi rallies, just as Rammstein often displays in their works.

The soundtrack to the video below rails against American “terrorists and bombers”. It’s difficult –if not impossible– to find freedom-loving Germans that will volunteer to fight brutal, fascist-like dictatorships like Saddam Hussein or Al Qaeda and the Taliban. However, a well-known german Nazi, Michael Kühnen reportedly recruited up to 500 neo-Nazi volunteers to willingly fight against the Americans in the first Golf War. The war was over before they could get to the region and get ready to fight, but the mostly German Nazi volunteers helped Saddam Hussein slaughter Shias in the subsequent Shia uprising.

Nazi Demonstrations in Lüneburg & Boizenburg

Victorious in Mecklenberg
Rammstein is from this area, a Nazi stronghold

Udo Pastör, the successful political candidate in the clip above, says they will save (yet once again) for “das Volk” what is left of Germany to save and talks about sweeping out the trash (current german Government) with a broom with sharp steel bristles. (The broom with steel bristles is a metaphor that Josef Goebbels used to use in his speeches.) That the future belongs to the youth who are more national(sozial)istic. Whether in 15 or 50 years, he says, they will be free of this crooked state. At the end Pastör says they want to “overcome” the current system and make changes in the direction of national (read “nazi”) politics and create a Germany for Germans (read “whites”). The celebration in the clip was over an agreement between the two major German nazi parties to cooperate in elections.

The accompaning music intones “Germany is living in suffering and pain, forward to victory, our time is near, the NPD (Nazi-Party) calls to action, every enemy must be ‘eliminated’. The Nazis are not just a fringe element anymore they are once again a part of german society. Pastör was elected to office with most of his support coming from young people and unemployed. They are counting heavily on these two groups, just as the original Nazis did. There are already parts of Germany that have been described as “no go” areas, where it is dangerous for non-whites to travel. This also happens to be the general area where the Rammstein members grew up.

The next video is an election advertisment by the NPD. The plot is basically that the tax man is taking away the earnings of the Gnomes and the NPD knight shows up to drive him away and give them back their money. Promises are made to cut taxes, no more support for Jewis organizations or immigration. Foreigners, whose “culture” is not compatible with Germany (Turks, Africans, etc) will be expelled.

Election Video by the NPD (Nazi Party)

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