Dancing with Nazis

Human Degradation

Nazi-like Sadistic Tendencies

A lack of respect for human dignity and human worth was a characteristic of the Nazis and seems to be so for Rammstein and the Rammstein-Jugend also.

Just a couple of German boys having a little fun, eh?

Bück Dich / Bend Over

Below Lindemann drags one of the band members around the stage on a leash like a dog while the Rammstein-Jugend look on gleefully and cheer.

Have some people’s attitudes really changed so much?

Now Lindemann, singing “Bend Over! / Turn your face away from me! / I don’t care about your face!”, anally “rapes” the band member on stage and then “urinates” on him.

Some people will tolerate any indignity for money.

Note the guns from the WWII-era battleship, in the background. A German band that needs to show a strong German identity apparently needs to display the artillery of the Bismarck. Then they claim to be so exasperated that people somehow get the idea that they are Nazis?

Onkel Till Zaubert / Uncle Till Charms

Peeing on them is a symbolic representation of what he thinks of his fans.

The Rammstein-Jugend, as Young as 13, are in Ecstasy.

The scene of Till peeing on his fans could have been inpsired by the pop painting below by Blalla W. Hallmann (1991). Hitler’s nickname was “Wolf” because “Adolf” im middle high German is a contaction meaning “Noble Wolf”. This is apparently the reason that Rammstein puts references to wolves in their performances, to allude to Hitler. The idea of this kind of art seems to be to dehumanize human beings. Humans must be dehumanized for people like the Nazis to do what they did. A feeling of human worth is not compatible with totalitarian philosophy.

Onkel Wolf Zaubert / Uncle Wolf Charms
Onkel Wolf Zaubert by Blalla W. Hallman (1991)

This act is said to have gotten the band arrested in Massachusetts on obscenity charges and that is not exactly the Bible-Belt. Here is the Bück Dich clip, if you would like to see the entire sordid video.

Rammstein – Bück Dich / Bend Over

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