Dancing with Nazis

Rammstein – Amerika

A Case of Racist, Extraterrestrial Penis Envy?

Rammstein’s “Amerika” video reveals a freudian case of the technological equivalent to penis envy by the Rammstein group. Already in “Bück Dich”, Lindemann demonstrates that even East Germans can grow a substantial “Schwanz”.

Lindemann demonstrates the considerable size
of an East German Schwanz, while peeing on his fans.

In the video, “Amerika”, Rammstein portrays themselves as spacemen, who are technologically advanced “Übermenschen” (Supermen) or “Herren des Universums”(Masters of the Universe). Exactly what some Germans such as the Rammstein group members, have always so dearly dreamed of being, if the verdammte, ignorant, uncultured Amis had not gotten in their way.

German Übermenschen finally claim their rightful place
in the Universe, once occupied by Verdammten Amerikanern

The Rammstein Übermenschen on the Moon

While those that enjoy partaking in American popular culture are looked down on as primitive, tribal, backwards and uneducated. They are protrayed always as black or dark-skinned sometimes doing a Humba-Humba dance and squatting in the dirt. This is ironic, since Europeans probably consume far more American popular culture than any other group on Earth. However, no white Europeans at all are shown enjoying American popular culture in this video. This clearly implies a racist component.

Primitive tribal people squatting on the ground, enjoying
American Unkultur and dancing the “Humba-Humba”
Primitive Tribal People

These folks are definitely not cut-out to be Rammstein fans, but they are the type of people that enjoy the American Unkulture. Rammstein’s video suggests these are the kind of people that admire the U.S. and want to live in the U.S., in other words America is “Negerland”. It reminds one of how Hitler used to refer to America as a “mongrel society”, doesn’t it?

These Primitive People are Definitely
Not Good Enough to be Rammstein-Jugend

Primitive Tribal People

These primitive, tribal people are definitely not white enough, beautiful enough or cool enough to be Rammstein-Jugend. Rammstein Fans must also despise America and her cultural influence in the World. It would, of course be far better if all-knowing, superior (besserwissende) Germans like Rammstein, told these “primitive” people exactly what to eat and how to live. They are obviously too ignorant and uncivilized to be capable of deciding for themselves, because they are making the wrong choices. Why should “primitive” people like that get to make their own decisions? They would be munching bratwurst with sauerkraut and swilling German beer, if they really knew what was best for them, the way Rammstein obviously does. 🙂

And below is the entire racist, patronizing video about “darky”, America-Fans. The whole implication is that only primitive and ignorant peoples can appreciate american popular culture.

Rammstein – Amerika

Probably the most amazing thing is that the Rammstein-Jugend take this stupid crap dead seriously, as if it were somehow intelligent and vital social commentary of some sort. Genial!

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