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Brujeria – Matando Güeros (Killing Whiteys)

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Below is a Telemundo/Occurio Así report on a satanic band, Brujeria, that uses the severed head of a murder victim as its logo. The Spanish phrase “Matando Güeros” means literally “killing blondies”. Güero can mean any fair-haired person. In Mexico the expression is derogatory slang for “Americans”. In this context it is clear that it means “whitey” or “American”. In the lyrics below, it is translated as “whiteys”. Elsewhere you may see it translated as “white boy”. “Güero” can also be a derogatory term for a Mexican that acts like a Gringo, like the use of “Oreo” in the US for people that are “black” on the outside, but “white” on the inside. That may be why the severed head is from a “Güero” that appears to be Mexican-American.

The Spanish word “brujeria” means literally “witchcraft”, but in Mexico, it is a kind of Satanism that mixes original Aztec practices with Santeria and European witchcraft.

Telemundo Report on Satanic Rock Band, Brujeria

Brujeria – Mantando Güeros (Killing Whitey)

Lyrics: Matando Güeros / Killing Whiteys (Americans)

Gabachos nos usan pa limpiar sus culos
Nos tratan como mierda de puerco
Tengan huevos y sean hombres
Un pinche viaje al norte

Siglos pasan y nuestra raza se jode
Cabrones gabachos, nos dan verga y miada
Forzados a la pobreza,
Somos pinches mayates
Tu venganza sera tu destino oscuro

Matando Güeros – !!Viva la raza!!
Matando Güeros – !!Estilo Mayate, O.J. Simpson / Pancho Villa!!
Matando Güeros – !!Satanas de cuida!!
Matando Güeros – !!Matando Güeros!!

Machete en mano y sangre india caliente
Fuerza satanica, buscando venganza
Al norte nos vamos a ponernos a mano

Matando Güeros – !!Viva la raza!!
Matando Güeros – !!Estilo Ricky Ramirez!!
Matando Güeros – !!Satanas de cuida!!
Matando Güeros – !!Matando Güeros!!

Machetes, pistolas, fierros,
Mata un güero, acepta las leyes del diablo
Venganza para nuestra gente
Te meto un pinche garrote en la pansa cabron
Ven pa’ca ven pa’ca cabron te mato güero.

Asi, Viva México Cabron.

English Translation – Killing Americans

Americans use us for wiping their asses
They treat us like pig shit
Have balls and be men
A fucking trip to the north

Centuries pass and our race is fucked
American bastards, they screw us and pee on us
Forced into poverty,
We are always mayates (Mexican meaning is like “nigger”)
Your vengeance will be your dark destiny

Killing whiteys – Long live the Mexican race!!!
Killing whiteys – Like the nigger, O.J. Simpson!!!
Killing whiteys – Satan will protect you
Killing whiteys – Killing whiteys!!!

Machete in hand and hot Indio blood
Satanic force, looking for vengeance
To the North we go to take things in hand

Killing whiteys – Long live the Mexican race!!!
Killing whiteys – Like Ricky Ramirez!!! (The Night Stalker serial killer)
Killing whiteys – Satan will protect you
Killing whiteys – Killing whiteys!!!

Machetes, pistols, metal sticks,
Kill a white man, accept the laws of the devil
Vengeance for our people
I will put a fucking stick in your belly, asshole
Come here, come here, asshole.
I will kill you, white man.

That’s it, Long live México, asshole.

Ricky (Richard) Ramirez, who is mentioned in the lyrics, was a serial killer who raped and sacrificed his victims (including elderly women) to Satan in order to have slaves for the after life in Hell. His older brother developed a fascination with torturing, raping and murdering women when he was in Vietnam. He taught this to Richard Ramirez, shooting his wife in the head in front of him and killing her. Most of his victims were in LA, but he was originally from El Paso on the Mexican Border across from Cuidad Juárez, where there is a flourishing satanic subculture that is involved in drug smuggling. He was captured in the streets of South Central LA by a crowd of angry latino neighbors, who beat him severely, before he was rescued by the police, probably saving him from being lynched.

Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker
Richard Remirez in Court

Here is the Brujeria performing at Hellfest in France (in 2007). The effect is rather similar to a Nuremberg Nazi rally with the fans giving the hail Satan salute in mass and dancing in the neo-Nazi style, that is slamming into each other while milling about in a circular flow, only the hate tirade is here against Americans, not Jews. The Nazi/fascist influence in this type of music has been well documented. It just shows to what extent people now tolerate hate directed at Americans. Before the music starts the band leader asks the crowd what they want to hear. The crowd roars back “Matando Güeros” (Killing Whiteys!!, Killing Whiteys!!, i.e. Americans).

Brujeria – Mantando Gueros, Hellfest 2007, France

Clueless fans will tell you that this is not serious, that it is only a bad joke, a provocation. Promoting hate of any ethnic group, nationality or race is not a joke, especially when accompanied by calls to murder innocent people and the image of the severed head of a real murder victim. Anti-Immigration groups claim that thousands of Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. This music promotes this type of murder. The oft-repeated “joke” claim is just camouflage to divert people from expecting that the band take any responsibilty for what they are doing. Whether the band thinks it is a joke or not, many of their fans will take it serious. On sites like YouTube you can see that it incites extreme hate amoung their fans.

It has been documented that Mexican Satanists kill Americans, but they also kill on both sides of the border, including many Mexicans. In recent years hundreds of people have been murdered on the Mexican border with the US in towns such as Matamoros and Cuidad Juárez, many of them with signs of ritualistic torture by satanic gangs. These victims have almost all been Mexican citizens and many are some of the most vulnerable, pretty, young impoverished women that are trying to make a living and support their children and families by working in the Maquiladoras (factories) for about a dollar per hour. They are often tortured, raped, mutilated and strangled. Click on the images below, for more on the Satanic murders in Matamoros.

Human Sacrifice in Mexico

However, there was also an American college student, Mark Kilroy, that a satan-worshiping drug dealer and cult leader, Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, ritually murdered. He told his gang members that he wanted to sacrifice a “white boy” to Satan and had his cult followers kidnapped him from a street in Matamoros, when he was on Spring Break. It is not clear how many people Constanzo killed, but a dozen bodies were dug up at the murder scene. Kilroy was tortured and head was cut off with a machete, like Brujeria uses in their performances. Constanzo made a Nganga, a “sacred cauldron”, which included some parts of Kilroy’s body, including the head. The idea was that drinking the potion would ward off American drug agents. A magical necklace was to be made from his vertebrae, which would also provide protection against federal agents. Since this murder received much publicity and it occurred a few years before the song was written, it could well have been the inspiration for “Matando Güeros”. Constanzo died in Mexico during a shootout with police, however it is thought than many other ritual murders on the border in Juarez and elsewhere may also be by similar drug-smuggling cults that practice some form of Satanism.

Mark Kilroy

Sacrificed to Satan

Kilroy’s murderers were tracked down within about a month. It is more difficult, however, for poor Mexican women to get justice. Below is the English translation of another of Brujeria’s songs, “Sesos Humanos”. Brujeria mentions the need for brains for the Nganga or sacred cauldron and that “the fruit of a virgin” is also a necessary ingredient of the sacred broth. It is very reminescent of the ritual murder of Mark Kilroy by the satanist/drug dealer in Matamoros. Kilroy’s brains were found in the broth of Constanzo’s sacred cauldron.

Brujeria Sesos Humanos / Human Brains (Sacrificio IV)

Lyrics – English Translation

I want addicts, petty robbers, your Mother
In witches’ feasts, the sacrifices are human
Now you know what to do, foolish soldiers
Bring me dinner or become broth

A soup of brains and blood
You are weak mortals – I am a powerful witch
Lucifer, the king, commands me to eat
a soup of human brains

Ten witches seated with eager bellies
For the satanic hunger, there is a remedy
You are weak mortals – I am the powerful witch
You come bringing drugs – with a machete you will fall

The dark priest commands me to eat human brains
The Mayor, the President, the Cardinal
With cat’s bones and Christian hair
Something of a Jew and some sweat (literally “exuded liquid”)

Human brains and the fruit of the virgin
Supper time is now here
You are weak mortals – I am a powerful witch
I leave, full of the accursed broth

The power I have is going to break you
And the machete is going to fuck you

For these reasons mentioned above, Brujeria’s little “joke” does not seem very funny. If Osama bin Laden makes a public call to kill Americans somewhere in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, he would be bombed immediately by the US Air Force. If a band makes the same call from a stage in LA, they can make millions selling CDs to the public.

The question is not, whether the band is “serious” or not. The question is whether there are disturbed people that may take the band’s lyrics serious and act on it. Clearly, there are such people.

There should be a law passed that the families of the victims can sue the groups that make and distribute this kind of material. Freedom of speech should not protect incitement to satanic mass murder. It can not be just about making money. The victims must also receive some justice.

This next video is in remembrance of these women (and others) sacrificed to Satan on the Mexican border. The reports are that between 90-400 have been murdered in Cuidad Juárez alone and thousands are missing. It is thought that many of these young women died on the sacrifice alter of Satanists. It seems probable that they try to take the pretty, young women from Maquiladoras, because they are more likely to be Christians and virgins which would be preferred for a sacrifice, those humble, modest young women who are trying to survive on a less than $1 per hour wage without being forced by poverty into the cabarets and brothels of Juárez. The Mexican people place pink crosses in the places where these women were abducted or their bodies found to remember these innocent victims. The introductory words in Spanish read:

To all of those flowers that still remain in the desert… To all of these women…

Muertas de Juárez – The Dead Women of Juárez

It is very unfortunate that the kind of hate that Brujeria produces can be openly promoted in the US and elsewhere and without even the least protest being made, but, in fact, being celebrated. The CD is sold on Amazon. So low and degraded we have become. Pity the poor women, these young mothers, sisters and daughters that are brutally murdered and their mutilated bodies dumped like trash in the desert.

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  1. Interesting read. I am fully aware of the negative side of their “message” and its unfortunate that someone would take it that serious. I hope you are aware that Brujeria from day one has had a white guy in the band (Billy Gould – ex Faith No MOre). Actually to this day there are actually more white guys in the band than mexicans. I am a fan of the band and am a proud Mexican american and I hate that others have taken it too far and have actually commited murders and satanic rituals in the name of Brujeria, making it look bad for good, honest hard working mexicans. to me its fantasy. Its fiction. They write about real things that has been going on in mexico for years. Shane Embury plays guitar for Brujeria and is from legendary act Napalm Death, who is definitely against racism. I dont see it as being any different than Cannibal corpse singing about murder and torture in every song, or even a movie like Saw or even Halloween. If anyone is stupid enough to take it to that next level, they would have done it anyway. Maybe im naive, but to me its a gimmick that some have taken too far.

    Juan Brujo – vocals
    Pinche Peach – vocals <—-Colombian
    Fantasma – backing vocals <—-I believe hes cuban
    El Cynico (Jeffrey Walker) – bass <—WHITE
    Hongo (Shane Embury) – guitar <—-WHITE
    Podrido (Adrian Erlandsson) – drums <—-WHITE

    Comment by Big MC — October 21, 2008 @ 4:46 pm | Reply

  2. It does not matter at all what race the band members are. What matters is what they are doing, not what color they are. Their are plenty of caucasians that are perverse enough to take pleasure in inciting hate and causing harm to others.

    Comment by Tristan — October 21, 2008 @ 6:00 pm | Reply


    Comment by DAMIEN — June 8, 2009 @ 10:16 am | Reply

  4. anyways im with the band!!!!!

    u white ppl were the creator of the segregation maybe someday we’ll take revenge for that!!!!!!!

    long live brujeria!!!!!

    matanddo gueros yeah!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by nestor — July 7, 2009 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

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